The Great

The largest Gospel opportunity in the
history of the American Church

The Great Opportunity describes the remarkable moment facing the American church today. Commissioned by a private foundation, this independent report estimates that over 35 million young people who were raised in Christian households will walk away from a life with Jesus by 2050. But, if the church can help them engage with Christ at rates from just two decades ago, over 20 million more can know a life with Him.

20 million

That's more than every major revival in American history—combined.

Weaving together the latest sociological research, examples from church history, and orthodox theology, the Great Opportunity is a hopeful, practical narrative of how the American church—and every Christian—can engage in this singular time.

The report explores several themes that could help change the future of the American church, including:

Icon of a church

Tripling church planting

Planting 250,0000 churches over the next 30 years

Icon of youth

Transforming youth formation

with the whole church discipling our next generation from early teens through the college campus

Icon of a tablet computer

Engaging digitally

building prominent presence reaching the millions of people asking about faith and meaning online

Icon of a hand holding a heart

Being famous for our radical care for the poor

And in so doing, point people to God’s sacrificial love

Icon of lightbulb having an idea

Developing thought leadership

For long-term engagement in the life of the mind and the questions of our day

“Written with great thoughtfulness, The Great Opportunity paints a picture of the trajectory of the church in America and the hopeful interventions we might consider. Grounded in solid research, it’s a must-read for those preparing for and concerned about the next generation!”

— Tom Lin, CEO of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship